AllSolus specializes in providing wireless monitoring solutions for Energy, Water, Gas, Renewable Generation and environmental applications.

Our product design, development and assembly occur in house using cutting edge technology to deliver the highest functionality and reliability possible.

Using long range wireless technology our devices are quick and easy to install.

Enquire today how you can make changes to your utility bills and usage habits through visualisation

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Full Detailed Manual

AllSolus – Installation Manual – V1.3

Quick Start Guides

AllSolus – Quick Install – Meterlink A4 rev2

AllSolus – Quick Install – LiveBase A4 rev5

AllSolus – Quick Install – Envirolink A4 – rev3

AllSolus – Quick Install – BPC A4 – rev3

Site Set Up For AllSolus Access Viewing

Allsolus – Site Configuration Form

AllSolus – Network Setup Version 1

Site Signal Calculator

AllSolus – Site Configuration – Received Signal Calculator

Gavazzi Power Meters

AllSolus – User Manual – Gavazzi Power Meter – P2

AllSolus – User Manual – Gavazzi Power Meter – P1

AllSolus – User Manual – Gavazzi Power Meter – Full

AllSolus – User Manual – Multiple Gavazzi Meters

LiveBASE Firmware Up date

AllSolus – User Manual – How to upgrade Firmware Ver 1

Current Firmware

Coming Soon

Current Transformers

AllSolus – User Manual – CT – DC (Inverter)

AllSolus – User Manual – CT – AC – Caution Notes