21 Aug 2015

When purchasing and AllSolus Solution for your business you should really consider an AllSolus Service Level agreement.

These agreements give you our ultimate attention and priority in the event of an issue with the installed solution. Or simply experts to talk to and train you how to get the most out of your solution or Data.

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06 Jul 2015

Energy can be one of the largest cost incurred by business and with little or no understanding of where it is being consumed or how much the next bill will be.  You can speak with your Energy provider to discuss the most cost effective plan for your business, however at the end of the day they decide, how and how much you pay.

In business we need to know the true costs of all outgoing to allow a true expected GP to be realised.

An AllSolus Energy Monitoring System Allows you take control of your Energy costs through real-time monitoring.

  • Real-time Energy monitoring
  • See Energy costs as they are incurred
  • Make educated decisions on Energy Efficiency investments or action plans
  • View your data though the customised online portal
  • Integrated Pattern approved meters allow billing grade data capture for PPA’s or LGC’s

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08 Dec 2014

Utility grade metering and billing for Photovoltaic Power Purchase Agreements

The AllSolus monitoring solution can be designed and implemented as an energy metering solution for use in PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) Applications.  Its flexible design and data accuracy allow’s commercial systems owners via the web portal to monitor and charge customer based on solar PV (Photovoltaic) production, consumption and or export.  With the ability to customise the Allsolsaccess portal to your visual and reporting needs, there is no monitoring boundary in PV that the AllSolus solution can’t handle.  Enquire with us today.

15 Sep 2014

Energy, water and waste management are in the headlines. People are moving towards a “Use Less” and “Waste Less” mindset that decreases our environmental impact and lowers running costs of our homes and businesses. Whether you are a believer in man made climate change, care for our environment or just want to reduce the impact of rising utility costs, your end solution is the same.

Monitor Learn Control Reduce
These are the fundamentals for achieving your energy management goals.

Like most things, if you can not see, count or measure it, you probably won’t understand it. An AllSolus data logging solution tailored to monitor the usage of Water, Gas, Electricity or any combination, will give you visualisation on how, when and where you are using your utilities. Once a clear visualisation and understanding is achieved, next steps can be taken to better manage your waste and usage. Less consumption results in lowered operational expenditure and at the same time reduces your impact the environment.

Through the AllSolus monitoring solution you can now learn how and when you use your utilities, allowing you to make decisions that reduce your consumption, improve your finances and lowers your environmental impact.

Some improvements that can be gained through usage management are as follows

Reduced Peak Demand Charges
Power Factor Correction
Onsite renewable power generation
Usage reduction
Tariff optimisation
Energy storage
Wastage management
Load control …….and lots more

Through the Allsolus Monitoring system you can gain control of how, when and where you consume energy, water or Gas. Simple and cost effective measures can be implemented to change your usage habits and maximise your tariffs, reduce demand charges or waste. We are all creatures of habit and changing poor habits can greatly improve your finances and environmental footprint.
Through the two way load control function of the Allsolus product you can automate or manually trigger loads to turn on or off, allowing greater control and ease of changing how and when you use your Utilities

Through implementing the first three fundamentals you have created the fourth, a tailored and fine -tuned solution that gives you ownership of your energy, gas or water consumption.

13 Jul 2012

With energy costs on the rise an AllSolus energy management solution gives you the smartest technology to monitor your energy use. We help you select the perfect system to enjoy great savings while reducing your carbon footprint. Numerous interactive and public display options give your team the tools to increase your savings.

Energy Management

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12 Jul 2012

AllSolus LiveBase

  • Wireless up to 20km
  • Access to 100% your live energy data
  • National Solar Schools Program approved
  • Easy to use interactive education portal
  • Perfect for schools, offices and commercial applications

Solar Monitoring

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