AllSolus is a manufacturer of long-range wireless monitoring hardware and accompanying display software. Our hardware installs at your site and uploads data to the cloud for display on PC (or Mac), tablet or smartphone.

We are unique in that we develop our own hardware and software products within the Allsolus R&D team, we install the hardware directly (or via trained and authorised contractors), we upload the data to our Cloud system, and we present that data to you in a customisable display format to suit your needs. In addition, we offer consultation services to assist where required in making sense of all the data. Our products and services provide visibility and meaning to data which in turn allows management and control of our customers operational costs.

AllSolus products are designed and manufactured in Australia. In 2010 we reached our aim of becoming the only end-to-end Australian monitoring solution approved on the Australian Government’s National Solar Schools Program. Since then we have continued to create and innovate new and exciting solutions to our customers’ challenge, which is to monitor energy, gas or water consumption, weather conditions, water pressure, volts amps, analogue or digital information, and……well pretty much anything at all. Allsolus provides visibility, and visibility provides a means to control costs.

With over 500 successful installations located in Australia and internationally, across all sectors, AllSolus technologies provide the display of measured data in a reliable and user friendly way.

Our name is a compound of All+Solutions, that we abbreviated to AllSolus……. and we really do provide “all solutions” for measuring, monitoring, display and consultation. Most importantly our products and services provide solutions to control costs and save you money.

AllSolus Point of Sale Brochure V1