06 Jul 2015

Visualising Energy Costs

Energy can be one of the largest cost incurred by business and with little or no understanding of where it is being consumed or how much the next bill will be.  You can speak with your Energy provider to discuss the most cost effective plan for your business, however at the end of the day they decide, how and how much you pay.

In business we need to know the true costs of all outgoing to allow a true expected GP to be realised.

An AllSolus Energy Monitoring System Allows you take control of your Energy costs through real-time monitoring.

  • Real-time Energy monitoring
  • See Energy costs as they are incurred
  • Make educated decisions on Energy Efficiency investments or action plans
  • View your data though the customised online portal
  • Integrated Pattern approved meters allow billing grade data capture for PPA’s or LGC’s

Taking control of your energy cost are easy – simply call us today to speak with a consultant on 1300 876 771

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